Holistic work and life development programme

I have begun a development programme at work which has taken me by surprise. It has reminded me just how important all aspects of my life are and not just the professional side.


The initial workshop was intense and I was completely unprepared. For a deeply private person there was a lot more sharing than expected. However this has made me more aware of the things that I value and understand what other people value when they seek to lead a life that encompasses all that they hold important.


Alongside the workshop we have been equip with a workbook which is completely overwhelming however being encourage to go through it at our own pace has meant that I have not completely been put off. Also a meeting with a fellow participate has proved insightful and knowing I am more comfortable talking with just one person rather than a group meant I was able to discuss matters more freely.


These past few years I have been so focused on developing a career and neglected other areas of my life that are meaningful to me.


I hope that through this workshop I gain a better sense of perspective and develop the ability to nurture all important aspects of my life. I also feel that this type of programme should be standard and offered more readily as it is already helping me deal with major changes with the workplace.


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