CPD23 Thing 3 – Personal Brand = Awareness

I’ll confess like some people the idea of thinking about my ‘brand’ left me feeling slightly apprehensive. This concept conjured up thoughts of major corporations working tirelessly to create an image and an idea about a product. Than I read a few of suggested readings and came to realise that in this sense branding could also mean awareness.

Branding as self awareness

To me this means maintaining a sense of who I am. I think it is very apt that many others on the CPD 23 programme are asking questions along that. I believe having this understanding means you can think about how you might be perceived by others.

Branding as awareness of others

Thinking about others and how they present themselves and how we perceive them allows for a greater sense of awareness. This makes me think of the John Donne quote “No man is an island”, which remains me of how we part of communities.

Branding as awareness of environment

To participate in something there needs to be awareness of where this is taking place, be it a physical environment or a virtual one. In turn I think about how I may fit into these environments.

With these points in mind I have thought about how I am able to represent myself in the social media spheres as well as in other professional spheres. Reading Andromeda Yelton’s piece on “Personal Branding for New Librarians” draw to my attention that this is an organic process and is not static. Therefore I hope to learn from this process and develop.

The exercise produced surprising results as I actually managed to find something considering I’ve not be very active. I did have to add ‘library’ because I knew my name alone would return results for the US speed skater.


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